The serious nature and extent of youth unemployment worldwide and Sierra Leone in particular is recognised by policy makers, stakeholders and civil society alike. Originally the impact was on young people who did not have qualifications, but increasingly unemployment is common amongst those with diploma and graduate level qualifications. 

Evidences from similar programmes and the number of applications for placements on NAYCOM’s Internship Program confirms that Sierra Leone is experiencing an increasing number of young people who are unable to find work, including those who have obtained post-secondary and graduate level qualifications. 

With its mandate to create jobs and job opportunities for youth in Sierra Leone, the National Youth Commission initiated the Graduate Internship Programme in 2012. It is an integral part of NAYCOM’s youth employment strategy technically and financially supported by UNDP and implemented in collaboration with the Prívate Sector, NGOs, Njala University and University of Sierra Leone.

Over 1000 young people have benifited from this scheme and about 600 have secured permanent employment across the country. 

Stages of Internship:

  1. Advertising offer
  2. Recruitment
  3. Training
  4. Placement
  5. Debriefing
  6. Certification 

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