Obasanjo Skills Acquisition Center

The Obasanjo Skills Acquisition Center was established in 2005 with funds from the Libyan and the Nigerian Governments through the South-South Cooperation. This serene learning environment at Newton, Western Area Rural, has several classrooms, staff quarters and training equipment including computers. 

Since 2008, the center has been supported with funds from United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and NAYCOM to provide integrated training Programmes for young women and men. The overall aim of the Center is to improve the economic status of the unemployed and underemployed youth by providing opportunities for increased income through employment and self-employment. In order to accomplish this goal the Centre has in place training programmes and facilities that will equip young people to critically assess and analyze the nations development problems and gain the skills which will enable them to design a combination of human resources strategies that will provide effective solution to the growing problems of youth.

Over the years, the Centre has accreditation with NCTVA and trained over 5,000 young women and men in Professional Youth Empowerment Training Courses for the award of certificates/Diploma in computer Software and Community/ Youth Development Studies, Social Work, Business Administration and Entrepreneurship, Building and Constructions/Electricals and Electronics and Public Health and other Life Skills.